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Welcome to Oncology Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc

Oncology Rehabilitation Specialists is a unique outpatient physical therapy clinic dedicated to assisting individuals through the physical challenges of cancer treatment and recovery. It is the only privately owned clinic of its kind in the greater Seattle area. Our physical therapists are specifically trained and highly specialized in the recognition and treatment of various side effects that can result from cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapies. These side effects can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to function normally from day to day and may diminish his or her quality of life. Side effects that can be addressed with physical therapy at Oncology Rehabilitation Specialists include restricted mobility, lymphedema of any body part, fatigue, deconditioning or weakness, scar tissue formation, balance problems and difficulty walking.

Our mission is to educate, support and empower individuals who have, or have had, cancer to allow them optimal function and quality of life during and after their cancer treatments. We provide competent and compassionate care to help overcome physical obstacles during treatment, and provide tools and encouragement for independent participation in a life-long plan to remain healthy and vibrant after cancer treatment.